Why Do We Crave What Is Bad For Us?

The old cliché that has a lot to answer for if anything is tasty it must be fattening. Take every list of favorite foods and there's no chance that several would be bad stuff for us. We naturally prefer foods that are not the right choice for us on balance - they are unhealthy, lack nutrients and sometimes don't fill our stomachs very well - But we're still going there, for some reason. Why are we looking for food that is bad for us? 

There is no denying that there is a certain appeal to food that is not especially good. Beauty is not always in the way food tastes.
Perhaps it's a comfort thing-it 's possible that the snack choices won't include a nutritious casserole, but they'll contain burgers, hot dogs, and a range of other items that won't do much good to your waistline. Often it can be as easy as the way food smells – find someone who doesn't like the scent of fried onions, and maybe you've just discovered an alien existence.

We just crave unhealthy food more often than not because it's easy. We're used to it, we don't have to sit down to eat it, or pair it with the correct side dish. It is fast and has good taste. All we have to do is get to the point where we want a safe alternative to be as hassle-free as possible. To several, a sandwich is the best choice in this case – only as long as there isn't too much butter on it, anyway!
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