Surprise Yourself By Taking Chances

How many times did you have this conversation? You're trying to convince someone to do something and they're saying "No, I don't like it." You're asking them how many times they've actually done that thing, and they eventually admit they've never done it, but still maintain they know they don't want it. This is the way many of us behave when it comes to food, particularly healthy food.

The bare truth about eating healthy is it requires a little widening your selection. Most of us are going to be bellyache trying a new meal because we prefer what we are used to.
The things we've eaten for years have once been new to us too, and the problem is one of being locked in our ways. You can get to know variety better if you try something different every once in a while, and choose the new stuff you really want.

There is no point in slamming your head against a wall of bricks trying to cultivate a taste for something you don't want. Yet you're never going to know if you like it until you actually try it. It is particularly true with regard to foreign cuisine. It may look different because it is consumed daily by millions of people, so it can hardly be harmful. Taking a leap of faith and trying another food would not be your downfall, so why not try something new once a week and shock yourself how much you love it?


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